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A Journey Through the World’s Most Priceless Fancy Color Diamond Jewels

A Journey Through the World’s Most Priceless Fancy Color Diamond Jewels

May 15, 2024 | Jacky Braun


A Journey Through the World’s Most Priceless Fancy Color Diamond Jewels

Throughout history we have seen how the jewels beneath the earth's surface withstand time and have evergreen value. These fancy color diamond jewels are a symbol of wealth and opulence. 

If you have ever been curious about the priciest pieces of fancy color diamond jewelry out there here is a glimpse of a few of the pieces that made our list. If you think we should add another piece please let us know in the comments. 


Perhaps the most renowned jewel globally, the Hope Diamond weighs 45.52 carats and boasts an unusual blue hue due to boron impurities.

The diamond is infamous not only for its beauty but also for the curses and bad luck associated with it, fueled by its eerie red glow in the dark—thanks to the same boron. Originally larger, the Hope Diamond was hailed from the Golkonda mines in India and has changed hands numerous times, increasing its lore and desirability.


Crafted by Graff Diamonds and first showcased in 2013, this brooch shaped like a peacock sports over 1,300 stones in various colors and a notable dark blue diamond at its heart. Its immense value, like all Graff Diamonds creations, adheres to ethical sourcing to prevent human suffering and conflict.


The Pink Star, a 59.6-carat diamond, was cut from a 132.5-carat rough stone mined by De Beers in 1999 in South Africa. This gem is recognized by the Gemological Institute of America as the largest Internally Flawless, Fancy Vivid pink diamond to date.


The Williamson Pink Star, a remarkable 11.15-carat cushion-cut diamond, is renowned for its internally flawless, fancy vivid pink hue and its Type IIa classification, signifying exceptional purity. This exquisite gem was meticulously shaped by experts at Diacore from a 32.32-carat rough diamond unearthed at Tanzania's Williamson mine. The finished diamond is elegantly set in a combination of 18K rose and white gold, complemented by colorless trapeze-cut diamonds and delicate light pink, brilliant-cut diamonds. In October 2022, this breathtaking piece achieved a record-breaking sale at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, fetching $57.7 million. This sale not only set a new benchmark for the highest per-carat price ever paid for any diamond or gemstone but also ranked it as the second most valuable jewel or gemstone sold at auction.


Named after Phillip Oppenheimer, this 14.62-carat vivid blue diamond rivals the Pink Star in its grandeur and was sold at a private auction in 2016. Its origins are as enigmatic as the diamond itself, believed to be mined in South Africa in the early 20th century.


This necklace features a record-setting yellow diamond of 407.48 carats set on 18k gold, making it the world's most valuable necklace. Discovered by chance in a pile of mining debris by a young girl in Congo, this piece now belongs to luxury jeweler Mouawad.


Acquired by Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau in 2014 for his daughter, this 12.03-carat diamond was named after her. Despite Lau's controversial status, the diamond's exceptional quality stands out.

8. GRAFF PINK  —  $46.16 MILLION

In November 2010, Laurance Graff acquired a 24.78-carat fancy intense pink emerald-cut diamond for $46.16 million at a Sotheby’s auction. The diamond, which had not been viewed publicly for over 60 years since being in the possession of the legendary jeweler Harry Winston, underwent a meticulous recutting by Graff’s expert artisans. This process successfully eliminated 25 inclusions, resulting in a 23.88-carat internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond. Set in a platinum ring and flanked by two shield-shaped colorless diamonds, this exceptional gem was christened the Graff Pink.


The Bleu Royal, a striking 17.61-carat internally flawless fancy vivid blue pear-shaped Type IIb diamond, is set in a sophisticated blend of platinum and 18K rose gold, flanked by two colorless pear-shaped diamonds. This exquisite gem was part of a private collection and remained largely unseen for nearly 50 years, according to Christie's. Making its public debut in November 2023 at a Christie’s auction in Geneva, the Bleu Royal was sold for an impressive $43.8 million, significantly surpassing its pre-auction estimate of $35 million.


The Infinite Blue, an 11.8-carat radiant-cut fancy vivid blue diamond, is set in an exquisite 18K rose and white gold setting, beautifully accented with fancy pink diamonds that complement the central stone's vibrant azure hue. In October 2023, this stunning ring was acquired by an anonymous buyer for $25.3 million at a Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong. Although the sale price was below the estimated range of $26 million to $37 million, it was still a noteworthy sum for such a remarkable diamond.



The Cullinan Dream, a 24.18-carat rectangular mixed-cut fancy intense blue Type IIb diamond, derives its name from Thomas Cullinan, the original owner of the Premier mine where this diamond was discovered in 2014. Featuring a striking sea-blue hue, the diamond serves as the centerpiece of a ring, which is further enhanced by two colorless tapered baguette diamonds. In June 2016, this exquisite piece was sold for $25.3 million at a Christie’s auction in New York.

Accessible Fancy Color Diamonds

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